About Us

Unique Assets Promoters and Estates India Limited is being promoted, managed and controlled by a group of highly experienced Unique professionals in IT, Traditional marketing and Distribution marketing. The world have shrunk in this age because of the growth of information technology. As you know that the internet based marketing technology have proved its success worldwide because of its acceptable, reachable and affordable operative methods. We are entering into this globally accepted marketing system with a long vision ..

Business Plan

Company promotes the business under referral or distribution marketing which comes under a binary plan (ie. 1:1). For entering into the business package and getting registered as distributer, you have to purchase a product from the company by which you can follow a wonderful and attractive business plan designed by the company for getting different kinds of monetary benefits with great mental satisfaction. Thus the idea behind it is very clear that buy a product, use it or sell it and refer it to your friends and relatives for handsome earnings and better life style.